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New CD released under the Sounds True label.
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What is the sound of the moon on the water? It is the music of utter stillness and complete spaciousness - the perfect reflection of self within the universe, and the universe within the self. With Moon on the Water, Stan Richardson offers two musical experiences. On the first CD, listeners enjoy the pure tones of the solo Shakuhachi, as it has been played for centuries. For the second CD, Richardson combines natural sounds recorded during his travels across the Japanese countryside - the rushing of water, the wind over waves, the singing of cranes - with the beauty of the bamboo flute.

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Gyokusui Shakuhachi for sale;

The 1.8 Shakuhachi on which I recorded both of my previous albums Meditation Music and Moon on the Water is for sale. After purchasing amy latest Kinshu, I must sadly part with my Gyokusui.

The price is $3000. Contact me at shaku@swbell.net in you are seriously interested.

The instrument is pictured when this site is opened.

I also have another 1.8 Gyokusui for sale at $2,800, owned previously by one of my students.










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