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Mujuan dojo

Mujuan Shakuhachi Dojo Texas Branch.

Mujuan Shakuhachi Dojo was originally founded by my teacher's father Yodo Kurahashi in Kyoto Japan. The name was derived from a shakuhachi work composed by the great master Jin Nyodo called "Mujushin Kyoku". This piece (featured on my recording, "Moon on the Water") is considered to be Jin Nyodo's seminal work. The term Mujushin was defined by Jin, using a line from the Diamond Sutra as "Just when one has no place to dwell (muju), such a spirit (shin) is born". The name 'Mujuan' can be interpreted as 'A temple where no priest resides'. Mujuan Shakuhachi Dojo in Kyoto is currently headed by my teacher Yoshio Kurahashi. In 2004, at the behest of Kurahashi Sensei, my small dojo in Dallas county was officially designated as Mujuan, Texas branch.

At Mujuan Shakuhachi Dojo I stress the use of shakuhachi as a 'Hoki' or spiritual tool for Suizen (blowing Zen) practice. My students are encouraged to study the classical Zen texts. I use many references from the Japanese and Chinese literature to provide a solid framework for understanding of the practice of the ancient honkyoku pieces. My teaching focuses on the perception of sound as a powerful meditative tool and as a way to bring attention to the breath through the practice of deep listening.

Most of the Suizen pieces require a prolonged out-breath and through our practice we can learn to extend the breath deep into the 'Hara' known in Japan as the 'Tanden' . This 'Tanden' is the center for circulation of 'Chi' and breathing deep into this area can develop great strength and a feeling of deep peace.

My students come from varied backgrounds, some are musicians with expertise on other instruments, some are martial arts students and teachers, and others are seekers who have been moved by the sound of shakuhachi to look deeper into this mysterious way of bamboo.

The shakuhachi may be a difficult instrument to master but it is accessible to anyone wishing to deepen their spiritual practice. Its sound can be a wonderful gift to anyone listening and in this world of turmoil and noise we can all benefit by returning to that place of quiet and solitude where the still small voice of the spirit can be heard. In the sounds of the breath through the bamboo flute and in the space between those sounds, such a spirit is born.

If you are interested in lessons or want to know more about shakuhachi sui-zen feel free to write your questions in the contact page.


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