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The shakuhachi is the only end blown flute that is native to Japan. It has a rich and interesting history and the story of it's development and use as both a meditative tool and a folk and classical instrument reveals something of the cultural and political changes in ancient Japan. It is considered by many to be one of the most difficult and esoteric arts and to this day some of the greatest practitioners have been awarded the title of 'National Living Treasure' I have studied as many available texts as possible and have traced the path of the shakuhachi from ancient China to Japan and recently out into the western world. I have given many lecture/demonstrations to Colleges and Universities with emphasis on the history and development of both the instrument and music. I offer a variety of lectures designed to address the interests and abilities of all levels, from the youngest at middle school age up to and including University Graduates



A History of the Komusu and the Fuke sect Shakuhachi.

The development and form of the Japanese Bamboo flute, Shakuhachi.

The music and notation of the Shakuhachi.

Tsuru no Sugomori, a comparison of various crane's nest pieces.

Shakuhachi performance techniques, ancient and modern.

Shakuhachi as a meditation practice.

Sound and listening practice in the ancient Zen Literature.

The Meian style shakuhachi pieces.

Kinko Ryu shakuhachi techniques.

The shakuhachi, a cultural and historical perspective.

The Wind in the Reeds, the sound of the Kinko style shakuhachi.

All topics can be modified and tailored to the audience and include demonstrations and performance as well as question and answer sessions.Lecture times can vary between the shorter 50 minute class time to up to two hours for more advanced discussions. Contact me for further information or to arrange a class.

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