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How to become a shakuhachi student

The easiest way to schedule classes is to write to me using the contact page. I currently teach three nights per week and classes can also be arranged for weekends. A typical class is about one hour and consists of private one on one instruction with me in the Dojo, students usually attend on a weekly basis. The fee per class is $35 and includes step by step instruction and the accompanying notation. My students range from absolute beginners with no formal musical education to proffessional musicians interested in learning the secrets of shakuhachi. If you do not own an instrument I can provide advice on where and how to purchase shakuhachi .

For interested students from out of town I can arrange weekend mini-intensives, which can be tailored to your needs. These intensives will include all day classes and evening classes if needed. A typical intensive will provide a minimum of 8hrs of instruction, usually with a morning, afternoon and evening session . If you require an overnight stay I can provide a guest room and breakfast for an additional $35. Shorter sessions can be arranged if an overnight stay is not needed. This is an ideal way for students who live far from any shakuhachi teachers to focus on practice and receive face to face instruction with the only licensed Master in Texas.

lesson CDs

This series of lesson CDs is intended to introduce the shakuhachi player to some of the oldest Zen meditation pieces. Although they cannot replace face to face transmission, they are intended as a guide to practitioners who may live far from the nearest master. These lessons will take the student phrase by phrase through the notation paying careful attention to technique with interesting background information and suizen blowing tips. Handwritten notation is included with each lesson CD. The lessons are available individually at $30 per CD plus shipping or as a complete ten CD set at $250.

Lesson CD Pieces

1. Kyorei (Fudaiji Temple)

2. Iyo Renbo

3. Choshi (Fudaiji Temple)

4. Banshiki (Itcho-ken)

5. Hachigaeshi (Ichigetsuji-den)

6. Choshi (Yamato)

7. Sashi (Itcho-ken)

8. Hachigaeshi (Shinpo-Ryu)

9. Murasaki Reiho (Kyoto Meianji)

10. Daiwa Gaku (Jin Nyodo Shokyoku)



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